Engage your students with live, interactive concerts.

Build into your courses and content by inviting one of our artists to play current and original music, share personal life stories about Jesus, and challenge students to think about not only what the lyrics are and also what life is really about.

Want to go deeper with your students? Connect with them in a meaningful way? Prompt them to think about scriptures application outside of the classroom?

Australian teenagers consume media like never before. Most students own, or have access to an iTunes or Spotify account as well as spending increasing amounts of time online interacting on sites like YouTube.

With students paying so much attention to music and pop culture, how can we use these outlets as resources to connect with them?


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Amber Lights 

Amber Lights is an artist group of Power to Change, whose current line up has over 10 years combined experience within schools. Amber Lights offers interactive 30 - 60 min performances in a flexible format that suits most school environments. Their show contains a mix of top 40 Pop & RnB songs that they use to share the difference that Jesus has made in their lives.

If you would like to learn more about Amber Lights you can go to:



Or to book them for your school, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Coming Soon...

We are excited to share news of a new artist coming soon. Watch this space!



"...[Power to Changes’s artist groups] provide a very different way of reaching the students..than a traditional Scripture seminar. I believe that the use of creative arts reaches and challenges students in a unique and valuable way…" - youth worker
One of the aspects of the previous...performances that I think has been really effective with the students at [my school] has been giving them an opportunity to listen to music they are familiar with – music that has lyrics that can raise issues of faith when they are considered more. The students have told me that previous...concerts have caused them to really think about the lyrics ...they already listen to and how these lyrics have helped them think more deeply about spiritual issues." - Michelle, School Worker
"I learned something I will carry for the rest of my life." - Audience member
"It was an awesome scripture lesson." - Audience member
"[I] really enjoyed the way this was done. It was what I needed." - Audience member

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