~ by Suan Lee Campbell, a missionary with Church Movements Ministry


This is the  story of a humble pumpkin in my backyard. It began with the awful news that we were in another snap lockdown, the last one being 2 weeks ago. I felt down and guessed that others would too. There was a big pumpkin sitting on the kitchen bench and a bag of 5 Kg. flour in the pantry. Put the two together and I began baking with a friend who lived with us. 120 pumpkin scones later, we packaged them up with a note of encouragement* for the neighbours in our street. It was one way I could connect with new neighbours and show some care. A few friends in the neighbourhood did the same for their neighbours. 

While giving out the packages, I happened to pass a parked car with an open boot stuffed high with  household things. 

Hello, I live down the street and wondered if you’ll like some pumpkin scones?

Hi, I’m Sam. Thank you, how special. I’ve just moved and I don’t know anyone here so this is perfect. 

Oh! Welcome to the neighbourhood. I live just down the road. Is there anything you need tonight? Dinner or ?

No, I’m fine, but I hope we can meet again. 

My husband Rex said, ‘I handed a package to this guy but he seemed rather upset. Later, he came out again and thanked me. He said he just had a phone call that his friend had committed suicide.’ The next day, Rex visited him again and they had a long conversation.

I posted a few pictures of the pumpkin scones and cookies on a Facebook page. Comments and clicks began to flow continuously. What a surprise! It seemed that others on that page were going to do the same, some asking for the recipes. God willing, I hope this concept of simple baking can spread the cheer to other neighbourhoods.

God has used the humble pumpkin to show His care to our neighbours.

*The note we included said, ‘Hello neighbour, Pumpkins from our garden baked into scones. Enjoy with a cuppa. Keep faith, hope and love in our neighbourhood. (Name and street number).

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