October 2018 was filled with activity for our Families Strategy as they held two conferences in Brisbane and Melbourne. These one-day marriage conferences focused on developing the oneness in marriage. The participants looked at the factors that drive them apart, communication and conflict resolution, intimacy, and leaving a legacy. Many have found it a very powerful time for couples as they come together and work on their relationship as a team rather than individuals fighting for their own way.


Leading up to the conference in Brisbane, a lady wrote asking for prayer. Neither she nor her estranged husband were really spiritual, but she had reached the end of her rope and didn't know where else to turn. They had been separated for a couple of years, and he had moved in with a new girlfriend. She was heartbroken and even amidst the separation, she didn't really think it would end in divorce. After a bit of correspondence, the team invited her and her husband to the conference. She was very excited but confident her husband would not come. The team encouraged her to pray and ask him. Much to her surprise, he agreed. The conference gave the team a great chance to connect and have a few good discussions with the couple. Through the conference, the lady decided to submit her life to Jesus and start to seriously follow Him. Together, the couple also put a plan in place to start to see what the future will hold. The situation is delicate but so encouraging to see God work. The team are excited to continue tracking with this couple as they grow.

Between the two conferences, the team saw 6 people make decisions to follow Jesus, 20 people asked to get involved in small groups, and 9 expressed an interest in getting involved in marriage mentoring. Praise God for His work and the many lives that were changed!

At each event, the participants are challenged to think about the role that God plays in their relationship. Working alongside the local church, Power to Change families hopes to continue working with these couples to help connect the community to Jesus, encourage them as they grow in their faith, and send out new believes to reach others.

If you would like to be involved with the Families strategy or would like to attend a marriage conference, please check out our website at powertochange.org.au/families.

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