It took Darren and Yun Stone 18 years to become an overnight success.

This year 82 international students became Christians through their ministry with Power to Change.

 "We currently have 80 students in 17 bible studies spread across 3 campuses," Darren shared.

However, the good news is not just limited to the campus. 

"A number of students have returned from overseas holidays with news that family members have come to Christ."

Darren and Yun worked with international students for 18 years. Nine years ago they were asked to lead the team reaching out to international students in Brisbane.  For many years the ministry existed with just a handful of people responding to the Gospel.

"The turning point came four or five years ago when we studied T4T," Darren explained. "The course changed our thinking. We were challenged to stretch ourselves."

T4T (Training for Trainers) was pioneered by Ying Kai, a missionary to China. He realized that simply adding Christians to the church would never be enough to reach his adopted country for the Lord. He needed to multiply the number of believers actively serving God by making disciples who would then make even more disciples.

The program was part of a great movement of the Holy Spirit. Over 10 years millions of Chinese people became Christians and nearly 160,000 churches were planted.  

The leadership at Power to Change believe the students caught the vision. 

"I asked the students to really believe that God could use them to fulfill the Great Commission," Darren explained. "When they saw their friends come to the Lord they saw that the plan worked." 

Since then their enthusiasm has become infectious. Whenever a special event is organized the members start inviting everyone.

In their latest newsletter, Darren and Yun give an example of what has happened.  Four generations of believers come to faith through the CONNECT BUILD SEND model. 

"Two years ago Melody led her friend Fiona to the Lord. Fiona shared her newfound faith with Jenna at a bus stop and invited her to join a Bible Study. A month later Jenna became a Christian. She started meeting with Thea who came to faith after three months. Thea has a vision to see her friends become Christians and is now meeting with Alexa and Linh."

Eventually, we will see five generations of students follow Jesus during the time it takes to complete a University degree.  

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