Southern Catalytic Fruit

This year, the Southern Catalytic Team joined the Victorian Area and are seeing fruit as they benefit from living closer to campuses they are pioneering in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. They praise God for their first ever Tasmanian student at Mid Year Conference and seeing Naomi trust God to build a movement in her final year at Monash Caulfield!

During semester one, Naomi connected with Zeli, Franklin and Suzan, exchange students from China who were interested in exploring Christianity. Together they went through Christianity Explained (CE) course and even attended Naomi’s church. Zeli and Franklin made a commitment to follow Christ and Suzan expressed that she was not ready but still interested. For the rest of the semester, Naomi lead them through First Steps, helping them to grow as new Christians. Franklin attended Mid Year Conference and now desires to make disciples with students on campus.

Second semester, Naomi and Franklin were looking for students who wanted to share their faith or know more about Jesus. Jacinta joined them as a committed leader and led a student through CE on her own. Naomi and Franklin did CE with two Chinese students. Naomi also led a CE with a couple other students. Two other Christians expressed interest and joined in a CE session to learn how to share their faith.

The team thanks God all five Christian students have applied for Summer Project! Please pray for courage to share the gospel and for the salvation of the five students doing Christianity Explained.

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A Day Together: Making A Difference

October 2018 was filled with activity for our Families Strategy as they held two conferences in Brisbane and Melbourne. These one-day marriage conferences focused on developing the oneness in marriage. The participants looked at the factors that drive them apart, communication and conflict resolution, intimacy, and leaving a legacy. Many have found it a very powerful time for couples as they come together and work on their relationship as a team rather than individuals fighting for their own way.

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Church Movements - SHIFTm2M

Have you ever wondered what the life of Jesus really looked like? Reverend Phil Meulman from St Mark’s Forest Hill, Victoria did. When he began engaging with Church Movements in early 2018, he experienced Jesus’ life first hand. Bringing along his leadership team, they also experience the life of Jesus Christ through our rigorous study.

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Restoring Dignity through a Smile

The mission trip to Coron was my husband, Peter’s fifth medical mission in the Philippines and my second. Peter first travelled with GAiN to Tacloban in 2014, at the invitation of Dr Malcom Hughes. At the time Peter was a builder; but not for long. He returned home with a passion for dentistry and returned to the Philippines in 2015 as a student. I agreed to accompany Peter in 2016 and travelled to Legaspi to join the team. I missed the 2017 trip but was able to accompany the team to Coron this year.

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Serving in Unexpected Ways

Man heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

Though we may step out onto missions without a clear idea of what we will do on the field, God has it planned from start to finish. The first time I heard about GAiN’s Philippines medical missions, I realised it was an excellent way to combine my passion for health with giving people the best medicine possible, the eternal healing message of the gospel. So after going in November 2017, I returned for the second time in February.

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