Prayer is an integral part of our faith. Jesus calls us to lift up our lives to the Father. Come alongside us and pray for Power to Change through the amazing joys and struggles that we labour through. God is present and He is working in Australia. Join us in this amazing work He has given us to do.


Gideon's 300


Power to Change is seeking at least 300 partners to commit to prayer for us throughout the next year.

May we challenge you? If you sense God’s prompting in this area, may we send you a monthly email with a few simple prayer requests? We promise not to fill your inbox with junk—simply one small email each month containing our greatest prayer concerns.

We would love to have you join this team of 300 prayer warriors who will approach the throne of God with boldness on our behalf and continue interceding with the tenacity and fortitude of a warrior. There may be only a few of you, but like Gideon’s army, that is sufficient for God.

Does this resonate with your spirit? Is the Holy Spirit moving in you to intercede with us toward revival in Australia and beyond? If so, please subscribe to our Newsletters and choose Gideon's 300 to start receiving the emails.


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