The Bible tells us… “The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.” And we know this to be true!

Where is the harvest? In Australia, there is great opportunity to share about Jesus in our schools, universities, neighbourhoods and workplaces where many have not had anyone explain the good news to them. We are rich in culture with people from all over the world living here, working, studying or visiting. This gives us the unique opportunity to share the Gospel with them without having to leave our country!

Where are the workers? Many Christians do not feel equipped for sharing their faith even in their own communities. On the field or in our headquarters, God can use your giftings to help bring the gospel to Australia and beyond. The Gospel is as good as ever and it continues to transform lives! We desire to see many people discover Jesus, build them up in this new relationship, and equip them to live out their faith to go and do the same for others.

How can you play a part in this? Consider what God has given you in ability and passion. Consider this as an opportunity to invest your skills and time. If you are passionate about seeing people discover Christ and going on to share about Jesus with others, then talk with us and consider joining us in CampusFamilies, Church MovementsGAiNYouth, or our HQ!


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