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You're Married ... Now what?

Check out some of our tools aimed at helping you and your partner become one.  We're not about placing blame but about growth as a couple!


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Attend a marriage conference

We have designed our marriage conferences to help you get away from some of life's distractions ... to slow down and connect as a couple. There are no awkward group discussions and the goal is making progress, not about placing blame.  Whether your marriage is on the brink or you feel like you have a good marriage and just want it make it better, we can help you make progress! If you don't see a marriage conference in your area, would you consider hosting a conference near you?

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Take a Relational Assessment

Looking for some direction in your relationship? Do you have some issues that you keep getting caught up in? Get in touch now to take an individualised online relationship assessment and then meet 3-4 times with one of our trained coaches to talk through your relationship. Whether it be a relational check-up or looking at how you work as a couple, we are there to help.



Start or join a small group dedicated to making your marriage and family all it was intended to be. Address real life marriage issues and learn some basic relational building blocks which will help you construct a stronger, deeper and happier family.

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Meet with a Mentor

One of the most helpful things a young couple can do is to find an older couple they admire and ask that couple to help mentor them. Meeting up every couple of months to talk about how your relationship is going and learning a few tricks from someone a bit further down the road can be invaluable. Find a couple you look up to and start today!

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