Tribal Leaders Summit

A gathering for key partners in our SHIFTm2M community on Wednesday 24th July 2019.

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Israel Study Tour

Walk where Jesus walked on this amazing adventure though the life of Christ during the 2020 SHIFTm2M Israel Study Tour.

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Day Workshop - Ringwood

The SHIFTm2M Day Workshop will introduce you to a disciplemaking framework inspired by the life of Christ that will help you intentionally transform your ministry into a spiritual movement.

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Christian leaders from around Australia are invited to learn together through SHIFTm2M – a relational learning environment centred on the gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry. Engage with other leaders while immersing yourself in His life and ministry. You will be partnered with a facilitator to help you wrestle with the realities of implementing what you discover about movement building in your own life and ministry context.

This is not an effort to prescribe a ‘model’ of doing ministry that you can take and plant over your old style. SHIFTm2M is a journey to discover the foundation of what Christ is calling leaders to be and what efforts He asks leaders to build into as His followers. How it looks in your context will vary greatly, however our hope is that you will grasp a greater vision for true disciple-making and will begin to see your ministry as Christ does.

SHIFTm2M groups are learning communities of 3-15 leaders coming together to study the Life of Christ… specifically how Christ made disciples who could make disciples. Centred around three training manuals, SHIFTm2M Groups are times of study, training, discussion and evaluation. Meeting together over a period of 1-2 years, you’ll study movement building principles from the life of Christ which have been used by tens of thousands of leaders globally.

SHIFTm2M Partners

Training Materials

After registering for a SHIFTm2M group, you will receive the Movement Building manual, Knowing Him study guide, and a USB drive with the Knowing Him supplemental podcasts and videos. We also include a Harmony of the Gospels and a copy of 4 Chair Discipling by Dann Spader.

SHIFTm2M resources are available through the Movement Builders store.

Receive Credit for Your Study

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) has worked with Power to Change to develop two units as supplemental study to the SHIFTm2M process. You can credit your SHIFTm2M study at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. Learn more.

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