After only a few moments in Japan, you will be struck by the incredible hospitality and warmth displayed to you. Scratch below the surface, however, and most Japanese young people feel lost and unloved. They are desperately craving a sense of belonging and acceptance - and you have the answer to their longing.  You will be able to share how knowing Jesus has changed your life with Japanese students and see God use you to help them experience the love and acceptance of Jesus themselves.

We want you to get a taste of ministry in Japan to see whether God might be calling you back for a year or longer term.

Note that you must have attended an Australian Summer Project and will need to be available for a compulsory pre-mission training on 4-5th October, 2019. 


Campuses: All Campuses
Dates: 23 Nov - 23 Dec 2019
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Cost: $4300
Application Deadline: 9 August, 2019
33% Financial Support Deadline: 13 September, 2019
66% Financial Support Deadline: 11 October, 2019
100% Financial Support Deadline: 1 November, 2019


It's going to be amazing!


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