Live-in St Kilda is a new style of Summer Project. You'll live in a hostel setting and will try out creative approaches to engage hostel residents and locals on the street on spiritual topics. You'll learn how to share your faith in real-life settings with a broad range of people from different life-stages and ethnic backgrounds, all while growing in your ability to listen to and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to live out your faith in a different environment which will teach you skills you'll be able to apply for the rest of your life.

So why this mission? God's heart is for the world [individuals, families, communities and the nations] to come to know him personally. The sad reality today is that many people are interested in spiritual things, but not many are interested in going to church... So how do we reach them? Campus and Church Movements are passionate about seeing the next generation of leaders to live a Jesus lifestyle that helps people to discover who God is. Similar to the book of Acts, small groups begin and a disciple-making movement is built. Is this a movement that you would like to be a part of?

Note Campus and Church movements are partnering together to help propel disciple-making movements everywhere.

Eligibility It is preferable to have attended a domestic project or some other equivalent mission experience. Check with your local missionary before you apply.

Campuses: All Victorian Campuses, Church Movements
Dates: 25th November - 8th December 2019
Location: St Kilda, VIC
Cost: $1100
Application Deadline: 25th August 2019
50% Financial Support Deadline: 11th October 2019
100% Financial Support Deadline: 8th November 2019


It's going to be amazing!


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