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There is an increasing disconnect between Christians and the secular, the church and the unchurched. Yet, historically, foundational Christian principles underlie much of our culture’s values while spirituality can provide resources and resilience to overcome societal and personal problems. Most of us know that our world (or our lives) aren’t as they should or could be. We want to change but often cannot. We believe Jesus provides many of the answers and gives us the power to change. Our local communities, cities, nation and the world desperately need to experience God's transforming grace and power to change lives.

Thus Power to Change works to fulfil Jesus’ mission of making disciples in Australia and beyond. We are involved directly in equipping, resourcing, encouraging and challenging others to do the same.

We also develop and use many programs, materials and strategies that can be transferred to others. Our aim is to make these transferable tools available without charge where that is possible. On www.cru.org you will find many helpful resources.

Consistently we hear three comments from people involved with Power to Change. They might be on campus, in schools, in the suburbs or in providing aid internationally. People tell us that they love and appreciate the community of friends that they develop. They talk about what they are learning about God and how Jesus really works in their lives. They are involved and excited about change – in themselves or with their peers or in their community.

We invite you to join us in this adventure of faith.

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