Who is Power to Change?


Our story begins with a passion for people! We desire everyone to have an encounter with Jesus so they may understand the hope his story brings. We have a heart for Australia, that our country will experience the joy of knowing Jesus. And, our calling is for the nations to know God and his love for them that lasts for eternity.


We have one vision - Encounter Jesus today, impact Australia tomorrow and reach the nations for eternity.

We have one process – Connect, build and send multiplying disciples.

We have five approaches toward our process: Campus, Youth, Churches, Families, Digital. We also consider our humanitarian aid partner, GAiN, a critical part of our process.

Power to Change is a community of Christians, not-for-profit, Christian organisation. We are also part of an international network known as Cru or Cru Global. You will find our Headquarters is in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Our Statement of Faith can be found here.


What we do


Have a look at the story of love and mercy we share...



We all recognise that life can be difficult. We want to change, and try to be better in many ways, but often cannot. We believe Jesus provides answers we need and gives us the power to change our hearts. 


Thus Power to Change strives to make the story of Jesus known in Australia, and we are involved directly in equipping, resourcing, encouraging and challenging others to do the same.


Consistently we hear three comments from people involved with Power to Change, whether they are on campus, in schools, in the suburbs or in providing aid internationally.

  • People tell us that they love and appreciate the community of friends that they develop.
  • They talk about what they are learning about God and how Jesus really works in their lives.
  • They are involved and excited about change – in themselves or with their peers or in their community.


Have you considered what change might look like in your life? We invite you to join us in this adventure of faith!


Do we share our faith?

In Power to Change we do believe that verbally communicating Jesus' story, and how God has worked in our lives, is important. Such communication provides options for people. We believe that such communications should be appropriate (to the person, culture and situation) and show respect to appropriate authorities and individuals.

We do not proselytize or coerce. We believe that all people have a free will, deserve respect and have the right to choose belief systems. Respecting individuals includes cultures, faiths and beliefs. We do not exploit a vulnerability to obtain a profession of faith.


Our History


The organisation was first founded in the USA through Bill & Vonette Bright at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1951. Their vision was to help fulfil the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) given by Jesus Christ, which calls the church to make disciples of all nations.


Power to Change began in Australia in 1967, as the Lay Institute for Evangelism, led by Reverend Geoff Fletcher in Sydney. One of its first strategies was the university ministry, known then as Student Life. Over the past 40 years, we have been known by several names as an overall organisation, and have had dozens of differently-named field ministries.


The global movement is currently made up of over 15,000 full-time workers and 200,000 trained volunteers with an active presence in 205 countries around the world. The original organisation was called Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI). Many countries around the globe are still called by this name. However, the organisation is now known as Cru Global, with the global headquarters of Cru located in Orlando, Florida. You can learn more about us internationally at www.cru.org. Power to Change is also our name in Canada.


In Australia, some of our more well-known names were: Life Ministries, Student Life (university ministry), Youth Ministries Australia (high school), Creative Arts Ministry or CRAM (musical bands in schools), Family Life Australia (younger families), The Jesus Film, Life-Saving Chaplaincy Australia, Athletes in Action, and Shiftm2M (teaches the life of Jesus and church planting).


In 2016, these various ministries in Australia all joined under the name "Power to Change.”

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